Jacksonville Home Remodeling Electricians

If you are undertaking a remodel of your home, having a qualified electrician on your team is the best way to ensure your plans can be executed safely and on time. The licensed electricians of David Gray Electrical have years of experience with remodeling in Jacksonville. Whether you are overhauling your whole home, or just one room, we can help customize your home to your wants and needs.

Electrical Services for Remodeling

The ideal outcome of a home renovation is a new space that meets all of your personal preferences.  Our team of qualified electricians can provide you with insights on how your electrical system should be modified to accommodate everything you want to include in the new space. Some of the services we can provide for your remodel include:

Why Have a Jacksonville Electrician on Hand During Remodeling?

During any renovation, you may find damage or outdated work that needs replacement or repair.  Having an electrician on hand minimizes any delays to the overall project and also ensures that you are getting the best possible advice on how to handle these issues. Renovation work also has to be up to code to satisfy the requirements of your county or city offices. Our electricians have experience dealing with these regulations and are licensed to guarantee there are no issues along the way. 

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