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David Gray Electrical Services is a full scale electrical contractor. We strive to offer the highest level of electrical services in the industry. We truly offer a wide selection of residential and commercial electrical services for our clients. Below you will find a few of the services that our electricians perform on a regular basis, from helping to automate your home or adding new landscape lighting to your yard, our team of highly trained electricians are here to help you.

Smart Home

Installing a whole home system lets you fully automate your house and take advantages of having real control over your electrical lighting and system. We install Lutron Homeworks systems. For more information on Lutron Homeworks, click here.

Emergency Electrical Services

No one plans for an electrical emergency, but the simple truth is, we can't function without power. If you need an emergency electrician, call us immediately, day or night.

Panel Changes

We can change out your old panel without damaging your walls and we clean up our mess as well. Many older breakers refuse to trip properly, which could be disastrous for you and your home. A new panel keeps you safer and operates more efficiently.

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Pool Electrical Service

If you need a bulb changed out in your pool, or your pumps are not running correctly, give us a call. Some pools come with an automation panel and problems arise in the control boards. Our electricians are trained to fix these and other problems.

Commercial Electrical Services

If you're experiencing an electrical system issue in your business, the expert electricians at David Gray Electrical Services can help. Our team of electricians are licensed and trained to identify and fix any electrical service issues within one visit. Learn more about our  commercial electrical services.


David Gray Electrical Services provides whole house electrical remodeling. Check out our photo gallery to see what we can do for you. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodels, but have extensive experience in whole house remodeling as well.

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Service Upgrades

As you acquire new electronics and appliances, such as air conditioning units and insta-hot water heaters, you find that you need more power. We have the solution for you. Upgrading your service to 200 amps or more is a smart investment.

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Service Work

David Gray Electrical Services provides residential and commercial service work daily. If you need to add a ceiling fan or an outlet, you experience loss of power or have some concerns about your electrical system, call us out today to help ease your concerns.

Safety Inspections

By code, if your residence or place of business has been without power for a year, you will need a safety inspection done prior to power being restored. David Gray Electrical Services has trained electricians to do a complete safety inspection to ensure the work is up to code.

Landscape Lighting

If you want to add curb appeal to your home, then landscape lighting is a plus. David Gray Electrical Services can design you proper layout and lighting packages. Check out our photo gallery for past projects we have installed.

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