Lutron Smart Lighting

Whole Home Smart Lighting Solutions with Lutron

Lutron RA2 Select offers a completely customizable experience for your entire home with solutions that allow you to personalize every aspect of your home's lighting, atmosphere and mood. Lutron goes beyond simple smart lighting, allowing you to program a whole home lighting solution for every moment you desire, all from the comfort of your phone, whether you're home or not. 


So What is Smart Lighting for My Home?

Smart lighting is more than just efficiency. It's a lighting technology system that allows you to completely control, monitor and even automate lighting throughout your home. Smart lighting is all about light control so you can regulate the level and quality of light in your home for specific tasks or situations, room by room, light by light.

The Lutron RA2 Select is the ultimate smart lighting solution because it gives you complete control over how you manage your smart lights. While most smart lighting systems give you a bulb you can control with an app, Lutron goes above and beyond by letting you control not just individual lights, but entire rooms or groups of lights. And you can even program your window shades, audio systems, and temperature controls using Lutron RA2 Select.

How Does the RA2 Select from Lutron Work?

With the aid of a wireless connection, Lutron's RA2 system uses their patented Clear Connect RF technology to communicate light settings inside your home. Each system comes with a range of components from which you can customize your experience, including:


Each element is designed with your needs in mind. Every component is customizable to fit in seamlessly with your décor. From stainless steel plates with matte black accents to clear white glass with glossy ivory accents, you can customize your components to match your already existing décor.

How You can Use the Lutron Smart Home System

The settings and options you have for your whole home smart system are only limited by your imagination. And if you're not tech savvy, there's no need to worry. The licensed professionals at David Gray are trained to help you create the ideal setup for your home. Here are just a few ways customers are using the Lutron smart home system:

Be Greeted With Comfort When You Come Home From Work

With totally customizable programs, you can have your home's temperature set, your favorite music playing, the exact color and brightness of the lighting your prefer, and your window shades in the perfect position right when you get home. It might sound futuristic, but with Lutron, it's easy to have your home automatically meet your needs with just the touch of a button.

Create the Ideal Atmosphere for Entertaining

Host a dinner party and entertain your guests with music, lighting, and an atmosphere you can control with a simple tap on your phone. When you're ready to wind down, tap your phone again to lower the shades, dim the lights, and turn off the music. It's all in your hands.

Wake up Smoothly

No need to face harsh lights in the morning with Lutron. You can program your lights to gradually brighten as the shades slowly lift and the temperature in your home adjusts to your needs. Get ready in the morning with flawless vanity lights that turn on as soon as you enter the bathroom.

Smart Lighting Experts

At David Gray, we not only install the Lutron RA2 Select lighting system in homes across northeast Florida we'll also show you how to use it and offer service after installations. Our licensed electricians and lighting installers can customize Lutron configurations for almost any environment. Even if you're not sure what you want or what all the options are, we can help.

You can learn more about all Lutron Smart Lighting by contacting David Gray Electrical today online or by calling us directly at (904) 724-7211.

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