Frequently Asked Questions

GP Electrical Services is a full scale electrical contractor. We perform service in Residential and Commercial marketplaces.

What areas do you serve?
We serve all of Duval and St. Johns County, and most of Baker,Clay, and Nassau.

Are your rates reasonable?
Our rates are very reasonable and competitive in the North Florida marketplace.

Are your electricians licensed?
All of our electricians that we send out to your home or place of business are licensed electricians in the Jacksonville and surrounding counties. They will in most cases be accompanied with an electrical apprentice.

Is your company licensed, insured, and bonded?
Yes, we are licensed, insured, and bonded. Call us today and we will more than happy send you a copy of our licenses to ensure you the safety and protection you deserve.

Does your company work after hours or weekends?
Yes, we provide electrical service 7 days a week for those in need.

I hear about GFI outlets, are they really important?
They are very important. A GFI is a lifesaver and should be installed within 6ft. of any water supply and outdoors. If you are unsure if you have those protections contact us today.

Do LED light bulbs save me money?
Absolutely they do. Contact your electric service provider for rebates on changing your lights bulbs out to LED. LED bulbs are getting more cost effective, for more information contact us today.

I have two prong outlets in my house; can I change them out to three prong outlets?
No. Two prong outlets have no grounding wire. When you install a three prong outlet instead of a two prong outlet you have no grounding protection. There is a proper way to handle this problem, contact us today for more information.

Do you accept major credit cards?
Yes, we accept most major credit cards.

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