Why Are My Lights Flickering?


"Why are my lights flickering?" is one of the most common electrical questions we hear from our customers. They can be a real nuisance, but in most cases it's nothing serious. Sometimes, though, flickering lights can indicate a larger issue with your home's electrical system. That's when it's time to call in a professional to investigate the issue before it causes serious damage, including a fire.

Top Reasons Lights Flicker

Unless they're fairy lights or LED faux flame bulbs, the lights in your home shouldn't be flickering. The top electrical reasons lights flicker include:

Problems you can usually fix yourself include the bulb not being the right type or not put in tightly enough, a loose light plug, or an appliance that's pulling a large amount of current on startup.

Simple Fixes to Try

There could be a simple culprit causing your lights to flicker.

You might also want to upgrade old or incompatible light switches or consider making the switch to smart bulbs.

How to Deal With Bigger Issues

If your DIY fixes don't solve the flickering problem, you likely have a whole-house issue that needs the attention of an experienced, qualified electrician. To avoid damage to your lighting system or appliances, and to prevent an electrical fire, call in the pros to check:

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Though flickering lights are often caused by something that's easily fixed, never ignore the problem as it could be a sign of a bigger electrical issue. To learn more or to schedule a home electrical inspection, contact one of the qualified electricians at David Gray Electrical Services today. You can also call us at 904.724.7211.

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