Should I Use a Plastic or Metal Electrical Box?


Light switches, outlets, ceiling fans and lights, and transition wires are just some of the items housed in electrical boxes. Unlike electrical or breaker panels, which are nearly always made of steel, electrical boxes can be constructed of metal or plastic. Depending on the circumstances of how they'll be used, one material can be preferable to the other.

What's an Electrical Box?

The three boxes most used in homes are:

Electrical boxes are much more than containers for wiring; they also protect wires and cables from getting damaged, loosened, or pulled apart, all of which can leave you without power or, worse, cause an electrical fire.

When to Use Plastic Junction Boxes

PVC has become the standard electrical box material, especially for DIYers. Lightweight and easy to work with, many of them also come with built-in clamps for wiring. Though PVC can melt when overheated, it does not conduct electricity like metal does. Use plastic boxes when:

One negative to plastic boxes is their tendency to distort when stressed; and if they're hit hard enough, they can crack. And while the pre-attached clamps are convenient, it's often difficult to remove the cable once it's clamped.

When to Choose Metal Boxes

In use for far longer than PVC versions, metal electrical boxes are super-strong, fireproof, and incapable of melting. They offer the greatest level of security for electrical wiring applications. It's also virtually impossible to crush or bend a metal junction box!

If you're doing the job yourself, it can be a little more difficult to work with a metal box. The rear and side knock-outs call for supplementary clamps and the sharp edges can be brutal to your hands, so be sure to wear gloves when working with one.

Metal boxes should be used:

You can use a metal box for NM wiring, but special precautions should be taken to ensure proper grounding.

Weatherproof Electrical Boxes

When installing electrical boxes outside your home, garage, or building, a weatherproof box, when properly connected, seals out inclement weather so moisture doesn't get in and short out the connection. When the outlet is in use and in danger of getting wet, a flip-up cover can be used to keep the outlet and cords unexposed to rain.

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