How Do I Light My Landscape?


There's no quicker or easier way to take your home's exterior from attractive to stunning than landscape lighting. Today's inventive outdoor lighting solutions make it possible to give your Jacksonville, FL home a new look with garden, pathway, and driveway options sure to impress. From selecting the best outdoor lights to setting them in place, here's what you need to know about brightening up the outside of your house.

Make a Plan

Before investing in lights, ask yourself what you want to achieve with outdoor illumination. Uplighting your home's facade or trees is a dramatic look that adds class and elegance. Path and stairway lights keep people safe and add subtle lighting. Bright lights strung in trees or on a portico bring a festive feel to get-togethers.

Whether you want to add one or all of these lighting features, make a map of your front, back, and side yard to pinpoint where each type of light should be placed. Then determine how much effort you want to expend in installing your lights.

Once you know which types of lights you want and where you want to install them, prepare a list of different fixtures that work within your budget.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

There are far too many models of lights to list here, but basic types most homeowners choose include:

Other accent lighting can include deck and step lights, pond and pool lights, and LED hardscape lights.

Final Tips

For more control, look for landscaping lighting fixtures that have an adjustable lumen output. Look into LED lighting, which due to its lower operating cost is quickly becoming the standard for landscape projects. And don't forget to match the color temperature of the light to what you're lighting up. For instance, warmer lights are ideal for trees while cooler temps are best for contemporary landscapes and homes.

David Gray Electrical Services is skilled in helping Jacksonville, FL homeowners find the right types of landscape lights to achieve the look they want. We offer safe installation of all types and models of outdoor lighting and can advise you on which options will save you the most in energy costs. To learn more, contact us online today or call us at 904-724-7211.

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